The S-curve of the water leads the viewer into the photo

The tree does a nice job of framing the photo

The building is nicely framed by the tree.
triple waterfall
Wow. A triple waterfall.

Nice reflections in the water.

The water is very clear.

The top of the mountain.

Nice sun flare and reflection.

Earth, water, trees, mountain, snow, clouds, and sky.

Tiny house on the lake.

A dramatic view of the valley.

Even the clouds are dramatic.

These mountains are very tall. And they come straight out of the water.

Looks like about to rain.

The trees are tall too.

Nice reflections on the water.

Nice composition of the bridge.

The water is like a mirror and the colors just pops out.

A wall of mountains

There are seven waterfalls here known as the "Seven Sisters".

A closer look.