Weather Tower in Denmark
This tower tells you the weather. Statue of biker with umbella comes out if it predicts rain.
Funny Clock Tower in Denmark
A funny clock tower
Copenhagen the capital of Denmark
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark
Photo taken through framing arch
Photo taken through an framing arch
Copenhagen's canal
Copenhagen's canal
Copenhagen's Opera House
Copenhagen's Opera House
Copenhagen Again
Copenhagen again
A closer shot of the statue.
Stately building in Copenhagen
A stately building in Copenhagen
Denmark's statue Little Mermaid
Denmark's most famous statue of the Little Mermaid, from H.C. Andersen's fairy tale.
interesting building
Interesting building
bus crossing canal
Bus crossing the canal
Denmark's Trivoli
Denmark's famous Trivoli Gardens and amusment park.
Trivoli nice gardens
Trivoli has nice gardens with tulips.
Japanese tower in Trivoli
This was shot inside Trivoli.
Hans Christian Andersen's house
The yellow house on the left is Hans Christian Andersen's house.
Canal ride Copenhagen
Taking a canal ride in Copenhagen.