Norway in June with snow
Do you believe this is Norway in June -- a certain part of it at least.
Norway with fjords, mountains, buildings
Norway has a nice mix of fjords, mountains, and buildings.
Norway reindeer
This is not a real reindeer.
Norway Cuise ship port
Norway has some nice cruise ship ports.
Telemark Norway
This is the location in Telemark where the heroic saboteurs try to stop Nazi's production of heavy water for use in the making of the atomic bomb.
buildings agains mountain
They sure built those building right up against the mountain.
row of colored houses in Bergen
A row of colored houses in Bergen
nice fierries
They have nice ferries
Bergen a popular destination
Bergen is a popular destination.
Bird eye view of Bergen
A bird's eye view of Bergen taken on top of Mount Floyen after riding a funicular up.
Large Pool in Norway
This is pretty large pool.
Frogner Park in Olso
Frogner Park in Olso containing Vigeland's life work of sculptures.
Olso capital of Norway
Olso is the capital of Norway
Royal Palace in Oslo
The Royal Palace in Oslo
Lillehammer Norway 1994 Winter Olypics
Lillehammer Norway is the home of the 1994 Winter Olympics